Short thoughts


There is something to be said about the view of the
Centennial Bridge from Le Claire Park. It sparks so
many memories from our younger days. The free
concerts, fishing off the levee, and a ton of various

The old Crescent Rail Road Bridge in background and
Credit Island even farther back. And even across the
Mississippi River some of the Illinois shore. And the
fireworks on the 4th of July were always a treat.

For some reason this picture caught my eye, then my
mind followed. It was taken late last month but since
I shot a few more pictures then sent the new ones to
an old folder that contained this one, I decided to
share it.

It has been one of those days when my lights were on
but nobody was home. Every picture I took today didn’t
turn out but it’s worth it if something is learned.
Now I need a pizza and more coffee to make it through
the rest of the night.

So enjoy the picture, we’ll post more as we go along,
and keep the shiny side up.
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