Second chances

The other night I went out way after dark and took
some pictures of the clouds in the “Night landscape”
mode. I had done this before so was surprised when the
pictures ended up looking like this.

3-7 002

Looks like a daytime picture to me. Then this morning
the wife and I payed a visit to a good friend who was in
a Nursing Home doing re-hab after major surgery. It is
times like these that made me think back to an event
that had me in the same boat.

We talked of many things including how happy we all
were that he pulled through. In younger days we’d
say what didn’t kill us made us stronger, but when you
get to the point said strength should allow you to
bench press a Buick it is a moot point.

If you have ever been bad enough to have had Last
Rites, or told you shouldn’t have made it, you know
the feeling. Even though you almost didn’t make it
you feel blessed that you did. It gives you a new
found appreciation of life and an almost childlike
wonder of everyday events.

And an event like that also gives a new attitude on
life in general. What was a major thorn in your side
no longer matters. Life’s little nuisances are no
longer a problem and every day is a good day. It is
perhaps the biggest attitude adjustment you’ve ever

The real strength comes from the fact that God saved
you for a reason and the scar will remind you that you
were strong enough to survive. We’ll smuggle you in a
milkshake soon, and when you get out we’ll have a coffee.
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