Won’t be long

It snowed here overnight though it is hard to tell now
and by Monday the high will be around 60. So instead
of a picture of our snow dusted tree we decide to use
one of a sunset.


Today is also the birthday of the United States Navy
Reserve and our National Anthem. The month of March is
National Women’s History Month, National Nutrition
Month, American Red Cross Month, Epilepsy Awareness
Month, Fire Prevention Month, Irish-American Heritage
Month, and Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month to name
some things being observed. We also read that due to
the leap year, Easter will be on March 27th this year.

Here in our little portion of the east coast of Iowa
we have had 28 shots fired calls to police and starting
Monday Marquette Street between 12th and 17th Streets
will be closed until May. We’re told this is for sewer
repairs and resurfacing of the street.

Spring is almost here and before we know it we’ll be
trading snow blowers for lawn mowers. Outside chores
left undone over the winter will tackled and all the
summer related festivities will begin.

We should take the time to enjoy these little breaks
in the seasons and relax during the down time. And to
keep us humble we would do well to remember that while
getting older makes us wiser we still make stupid
mistakes. It just takes us a little longer to do them.
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2 Responses to Won’t be long

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    But… but I like the winter! Ok, I’m lying.. sort of.. I like the snow… but spring is good too. 🙂

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I like winter too, just not all year long.

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