Bound to happen


When something is started there has to be an ending.
The World Series of Drag Racing began in 1953 and was
held in Lawrenceville, Illinois. The following year,
and every year since, it has been held at the Cordova
Dragway Park in Illinois.

Until this year. The powers that be have announced
the World Series will move to the Memphis
International Racway in Mephis, Tennessee. Said powers
state the event will be more centrally located and
have more room for expansion at the new venue. Even
though it has fewer seats than Cordova does.

We have mixed feelings about the move on various
levels but realize nothing can be done. As a spectator
at many of these World Series events I’m sad because
the series does draw the big names. As a former racer
at the track I know I would be welcome to return. And
as a resident of the area I know the revenue brought
in on that August weekend will be sorely missed.

If there is a problem we believe it just the growth
of the organization that runs it and too many mergers
with others who have their own agendas. And at least
we had the event here for 61 years of its 63 year
existence. All that said, we won’t be cruising down to
Memphis the weekend of August 26-27 either.

So we say goodbye to the holy grail of drag racing
and hope they at least air some of it on a sports
channel. If you’ve ever been to one you know you can’t
just walk away.
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