Nobody told us


Finally have time to catch our breaths today so
thought we’d mention something that was new to us.
Vicks Vapo-Rub has been around as long as I can
remember and we grabbed it out of the medicine
cabinet every time we were stuffed up but we found
there are other uses for it.

It smells because it is a blend of camphor,
eucalyptus oil and menthol. We didn’t know we could
use Vicks to clean our fingernails and toenails to
fight a fungus.

We also didn’t know, although it makes sense when
you think about it, that Vicks is a natural insect
repellant. We’re told it is the cedar leaf oil in the
goop that keeps the bugs away. Just put some where
you don’t the many legged critters to be.

Vicks will also relieve sore muscles. Again, with the
ingredients we’ve listed that isn’t too surprising. But
did you know you can use it on small cuts and
splinters? Yep, menthol is an antiseptic. If you have
a small burn Vicks can help relieve the pain. But if
you have any doubts call a medical professional with
burn injuries.

Suffer from dry, cracked heels? Just rub on some
Vicks before you go to bed and it will moisterize your
feet while you sleep. Vicks will even help ease the
pain of tennis elbow!

And finally, Vicks reduce the effect of acne if you
rub some on the problem area. Now you know what we
learned. We hope it helps in a pinch. Enjoy what’s
left of super Tuesday.
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