The cat in the grass


Some days life just springs a little surprise on you
that worries you at first but turns out for the best.
After finishing my daily piddling it was time to see
if we got any mail. Stepping on the porch to retrieve
our daily dose of junk mail I looked out the window
and noticed a black cat lying in the grass.

I knew it was another feral cat so I took a better
look to make sure it wasn’t hurt or dead. The cat was
breathing but I still wondered why it chose a spot
right outside our front door. On sunny days cats would
lie there, but this was a cloudy day.

Knowing it wasn’t dead while thinking it may be hurt
I opened the storm door and took a closer peek. The
cat didn’t run off, just glanced my way and held eye
contact. In the past I have gotten to within 4 feet of
this very same animal and that was about the distance
between us then.

Thinking I’d talk quietly in case the cat was injured
then get closer, we spent about 5 minutes staring each
other down. He seemed so calm I made a move and stuck
my foot outside of the door and that’s when I saw a
very healthy cat run off like his tail was on fire.

I was happy the cat wasn’t sick or injured and even
the clouds covering the moon last night didn’t dampen
my spirits. In fact, I’m smiling as I type this. We’ll
end with a thought for the day:

I didn’t want to grow up, I just wanted to be tall
enough to reach the cookie jar.
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2 Responses to The cat in the grass

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Ahhh… Next level, is that you plant some catnip around the house. Have a speaker wired outside as the sots roll around.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    lol, no catnip!

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