Moon chat

Today is supposed to be colder than yesterday, but at
least the sky should be clear.


Last night I attempted to get a good picture of the
moon despite the evening being cloudy. It was an
exercise in futility and as I looked over the pics
later one caught my eye. In the black of night the
moon decided to peek back at me through the branches
of one of our trees.

So we had a little chat. He asked how we got so crazy
down here and I had no answer. I did take the time to
explain that my generation had a dress code at school
and could be kicked out of school for cussing. How we
used to play Cowboys and Indians with cap guns and bows
and arrows, that we drank out the garden hose instead
of wasting time going inside the house, nor did we
have any way of knowing if somebody was home unless
we walked over and knocked on the door.

Add the fact that if we tripped on the neighbor’s
sidewalk our mothers would call us clumsy instead of
calling an attorney. Yet as a member of a generation
now old enough for social security, I have noticed a

Things that used to be considered akin to leprosy are
now considered the norm, things we used to learn and
do are now passe, and the beliefs we hold dear no
longer matter to many of members of the generations
which came after us.

Our flag is used as a doormat, the police are under
attack, and racism is running rampant. Some of us are
so offended by so many things we no longer know what
to say or how to act at times.

We were brought up to believe we didn’t own our
world, we were caretakers who hoped we made it a
nicer place to be until our children would take the
helm. We wanted to leave things improved over when
we got here.

And we all want a better life for children. But for
some reason the idea failed. Perhaps too many equated
money with happiness, material goods with satisfaction.
Or we could blame it on the government, after all it
is corrupt.

Good reason all to be upset. Yet we still smile while
those trying to stir the pot are puzzled. How can we
be happy when they try so hard to make us miserable?
A question which if we have to explain it, they
wouldn’t understand.
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3 Responses to Moon chat

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Mistake #1: We were too nice to everyone, and people, misjudged, our kindness, for weakness.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    oh yeah. That was a big one.

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