Simple plans


Today is another great day here on the east coast of
Iowa watching the Daytona 500 with the wife while
munching homemade tacos. But I’d like to mention what
happened yesterday after I posted.

As you know we saw a huge flock of birds overhead at
the grocery store and it was a sight. After posting
my ramblings yesterday I went outside to get some
things done and ended with rinsing the winter crud off
the car.

Going around the car three times I determined the only
thing to do was to actually wash it. It was around 50
degrees out and I was already damp from the over-spray.
So back in the house to get a bucket and car shampoo
to give the car a bath.

That’s when the problems started. I decided to
partially fill the bucket with warm water before
taking the bucket back outside. Our kitchen faucet has
an aerator on the end that has a mind of its own, and
of course I forgot that fact.

So I started filling the bucket and soon got the
stangest feeling that my jeans were wet. Now I still
had on my waterproof jacket, jeans, and running shoes
so I asked myself “How could my jeans get wet?”

Well, our demon aerator from hell knew the exact
angle it needed to miss my waterproof jacket and
totally saturate the crotch of my jeans and fill the
inside of my shoes with water!

This might be a game changer for some, but I was as
determined as the third goat trying to get on the Ark.
So I stripped to my skivvies, put on dry jeans and
socks, and marched out with the partially filled bucket
of soapy water.

After washing and rinsing the car, rinsing the bucket,
putting away the hose, and gathering what had to go back
inside, I went back into the house to remove my soggy
running shoes. And found my dry socks were now soaked.

I laughed at the fickle finger of fate because I only
had to change sox one more time and wasn’t getting
near any water the rest of the day. That was how I
spent my Saturday, hope you had as much fun.
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One Response to Simple plans

  1. QC Ghost says:

    OK, I see the birds for sure this time.

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