Sunday snicker

Give me a sense of humor Lord,
give me the grace to see a joke,
To get some humor out of life,
and pass it on to other folk.

A friend shared this and since we haven’t laughed
with this religion yet we decided to share it with


A Mormon Family, one Monday evening, sat around the
fire place and was discussing Church Finances, that
included paying Tithing to the Bishop.

Their little five year old boy heard this, than ran to
his bedroom, grabbed his piggy bank, went to the Mormon
Bishop’s home and poured the contents of the piggy bank
onto the Bishop’s desk.

The Bishop asked, “Is this your tithing?” the little boy
said, “No Bishop.”

The Bishop than asked him, “Is this your Fast Offering?”
The little boy again said, “No Bishop.”

The Mormon Bishop had a puzzled look about him, and than
asked, “If this is not your tithing or not your Fast
Offering, than What is it?”

The little boy said, “It’s for you, Bishop, Mommy and
Daddy just told me that you are the poorest Bishop that
we have had.”
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