To strange windy days

The wind picked up last night and has been peaking
all day. Constant gusts of 50-60 mph make for an
interesting outdoor experience. It’s so windy that
fleas are getting blown off dogs and skinny people
like myself are being warned to stay indoors.


But it is pretty to watch. Then I heard the
politicians in Illinois are up to their old tricks.
Representative Carol Sente is the main sponsor of
HB6008 which adds new meaning to the saying the
inmates are running the asylum.

The bill basically says hunters can’t discharge a
firearm within 1,000 yards of a building without
first getting the owners permission. So the hunter
would have to find out if he is within a square mile
radius of a building AND get the owner’s permission to
hunt before he fires a shot.

But it gets nuttier. HB6008 would make it illegal for
anyone to allow a dog to hunt within 1,000 of any
building with the owner’s permission!

The only known exemption is a licensed gun range.
That’s a good thing right?

Wrong! There are no licensed gun ranges in Illinois
so it is a moot point. We have no dog in this race as
I longer hunt and even if I did it wouldn’t be in
Illinois. But this is just another attempt to whittle
away at our rights.

And it begs the question: is the dog exempted if you
brought him along to the non-existent gun range? We
do live in interesting times.
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