Windy days

Last night the sky was cloudy but I stuck around just
in case the moon popped out. The night was dark when
the moon was hidden but lit up good when I got this
2-17 006

Then this morning I made it over for a chat with the
Antique Farmer. When asked how his doctor’s visit went
he replied that he didn’t get a prescription so he
must be alright. And we talked of how the cost of
almost everything is up. He mentioned a time when Mom
was in the hospital and due to be released but said
hospital threatened to keep her because he didn’t have
$40 to pay her bill!

Then I no more and got home when the phone rang. Our
tax guy said the taxes were done and I could stop by
anytime to pick up the paperwork. So after that I took
one of my patented short cuts and ended up with a few
pictures of our riverfront.


And finally, an old, rusty railroad bridge we pass
almost daily.

Some days being retired seems like a pretty good gig.
I just wish we didn’t have the 50 mph wind gusts, but
you can’t have everything. Enjoy the day.
Comments are always welcome.

2 Responses to Windy days

  1. Mamabear says:

    Your pic of the moon looks identical to what I saw tonight as I was out and I thought of you and how you enjoy sharing pic’s of the moon and how you talk to the man in the moon too 🙂

    Thanks for the great pic’s of your travels today, it’s nice knowing what your area looks like. I’ve always found it interesting that so many pic’s I see have a big ferris wheel in them. I always enjoyed riding in them~usually ended up alone b/c everyone was afraid to go with me for fear we’d stop at the top and I’d gently rock the car & scare them. I didn’t do it to scare them but I did it b/c I liked the gentle motion.

    The next town down from me used to have an old rusty RR bridge on the top and a passenger car one lane below it, but they imploded it a few years back and put a two lane bridge in taking a lot of memories along with it for many ppl.

    Hope you continue to enjoy retirement~I’ve not decided if I like it yet and I’ve been retired for a lot of years, but not of my own choosing.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    we appreciate the kind words. We will be posting more pictures as it
    warms up. I take a pocket camera with me everywhere I go, but in
    the winter the batteries don’t hold up.The ferris wheel is a newer
    addition to our minor league ball park and is 100 feet tall. I’m going
    to try it one of these days just to see the view from the top. And I do
    like retirement so far but can’t figure out how I had time to work

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