Of forms and hand trucks


The desk portion of our computer hutch has been
littered with important documents, bank information,
military records, empty candy wrappers, and coffee
stains for about a week. But, I am now enrolled in
both Social Security and Medicare while keeping some
semblance of sanity.

So tomorrow I will try to remember where all this
information was stored and return it to the folder in
which it belongs. This has been a crazy week and it’s
only Tuesday.

Until today I don’t believe I had ever heard of a
business called Makinex. But now that I have I will
remember the name. They came up with something called
a powered hand truck.

It can lift a little over 300 pounds high enough to
load on a truck while only putting 15 pounds of
pressure on the handles. One person can operate it and
a battery charge should last for about 50 lift cycles.
The cost isn’t listed, but if you’re really interested
they can give you a quote on their website.

Personally, I can see some tinkering time out in the
garage with some left over scrap metal and a hydraulic
ram. If that doesn’t work I still have the scrap metal
and the ram and I can hire a kid to do the lifting.
But we’ll try making one first because I have to
finish my sheet metal brake anyway.

We have all our ducks in a row now and are hoping
that none of them get as distracted as we do. Tomorrow
looks to be another beautiful day and we hope you get
a chance to enjoy it.
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