The errors of my ways


We caught a break on Saint Valentine’s Day and didn’t
get as much snow as predicted, or any snow overnight.
This morning the wife and I opened our goody bags we
received from Ronnie and Todd only to find out we
didn’t know what one treat was.

I looked at the chocolate covered cube on a stick and
decided it must be cake dipped in chocolate. Imagine
my surprise when I bit into it and discovered it was
not cake but “Hot cocoa on a stick”. After I had
eaten half of it I decided to open the card which told
me this hot cocoa on stick was to be added to a cup of
warm milk or water and stirred until it dissolved.

After thinking about it I ate the rest anyway because
I didn’t know how much milk to add for about half a
cube and decided to call it fudge dipped in chocolate
on a stick. It was good, but rich, and I drank a big
glass of water and jumped up and down afterwards to
make sure it dissolved.

Then we were over at Dad’s for a while as the snow was
falling and had a nice visit until we had to leave so
the walks, alley and drive could be shoveled while the
wife got some sleep. And as usually happens, I no more
and had the alley cleared when the plow came by and
left me a snowdrift at the end of the alley.

So after reshoveling the end of the alley, brushing
the snow off the car, and removing that snow from the
driveway, I came back inside. I did see one neighbor
out using a leaf blower to clear his walk. If I was
going to get creative I’d just rig up a propane
powered flame thrower and be done with it.

Tomorrow is going to be another great day because
it will be the start of a warming trend. We hope you
enjoyed your Saint Valentine’s Day as much as we did.
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2 Responses to The errors of my ways

  1. Ronnie says:

    Ha ha! Hot cocoa on a stick is simply fudge dipped in chocolate so it’s perfectly fine to eat as is.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thanks again for the treats. Since it is fudge I’ll figure the water was good for me and the jumping was exercise.

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