Insanity on steroids


A good friend stopped by for a chat, and since we are around
the same age, we got to talking about the fact that we both
believe our country has gone insane.

We grew up during the 50s and 60s so we have seen what change
looks like, but noticed something peculiar. Those who were our
parents in the 50s have gotten old or have died off. We who
enjoyed in childhood in the 50s are now in positions of power.

In the 60s we saw the peace movement whose mantra was “Make
love not war”. It also ushered in protests with signs that
said “Don’t trust anyone over 30!”, “Question authority!”,
and “Down with establishment!”. Cops were called pigs and the
military wasn’t to be trusted.

These same people, now gray-hairs like myself, are now saying
“Big government is our friend!”, “Obey the government or you
are a racist, sexist, domestic terrorist!”. Yet the police and
military, who can do nothing to fix what said government has
broken, are still the enemy.

Many say the problem lies with rich white people, which
confuses us because almost all the candidates running for
president are rich white people. The government who has
armed drug cartels and terrorists is now to be blindly
followed and their word taken as gospel.

We have a group of black protesters, funded by an ex-
Nazi sympathizer who is an admitted socialist while Islam
is being taught to our children in school after God was
booted out. The believers see nothing wrong with that
picture while those of us who disagree are the problem?
Sounds like insanity to us.
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