Surprise, surprise

The end is near to another great day here on the east
coast of Iowa. And although it is cold outside the
furnace is working perfect since I had to operate on
it the other day.

When I went out to start the car so the wife could go
to work tonight there was a surprise on the doorstep.


I’d like to thank Todd and Ronnie for thinking of us
around Valentine’s Day. We’ll wait until the actual
day to open them up and gobble up the goodies as I
have enough Snicker’s to last me until then.

If they rang the doorbell, I didn’t hear it. I was in
the basement “cleaning” and got to day dreaming so I
wouldn’t have heard a truck hit the house. Sorry we
missed you.

Being a borderline pack rat I have a real problem
with tossing things in the trash. I thought I had the
majority of my tools in the garage but it turns out I
could build a car with the tools in the basement. But
the basement is a good alternative to the unheated
garage in the winter.

I’ll be back there again tomorrow doing what I should
have done today. But that’s ok, it’s job security.
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