Like fishing in a pothole


There are times when I think being a politician must
be fishing in a pothole. You look like you’re doing
something, you could spend a lot of time doing it, and
you could claim you tried when the day is done.

Case in point is the current city councils approach
to our 2017 budget. Plans have been made, options are
plentiful, and we suppose they may even end up with a
balanced budget. But we can’t follow the thinking.

The city transit fund is $500,000 in the red and to
fix it talking heads have said we’d reduce 15 routes
to 10 in an effort to save money. That makes sense.
But the very next thing said leaves us scratching our

Adding an hour to the bus schedule each weekday and
running on Sundays would raise revenue. Huh? It we
heard correctly people pay $1 to ride the bus while we
taxpayers subsidize that at a rate of $4.50 per rider.
So doesn’t the longer hours mean we taxpayers would be
paying more if more people use the bus?

Then the talking heads said they also want to build
another bus hub on the north end of town to ease the
burden on the bus station downtown. It would seem we
got rid of the old tax and spend mayor only to elect
another tax and spend mayor.

We have no car in this race other than that we pay
taxes. The last time I rode a bus was when I was in
the Navy. I didn’t like it then and I can’t see much
that would change my mind now. But we do think raising
fees is not the answer.

Then today, with all that going on, our furnace began
to sound like a helicopter taking off when it kicked
on. So I went downstairs to investigate, and said
furnace was running like a Swiss watch. But I noticed
the exhaust flue that ran from atop the heat exchanger
to the chimney had fallen off.

CO2 was being pumped right into our basement instead
of up the chimney. After a run to the hardware store
for 4 inch flue pipe and a couple elbows the problem
was fixed and our basement aired out. Perhaps I should
look for my fishing pole?
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