We need to stop


A Gallup poll from late last year stated 86% of we
the people disapprove of our Congress. More people
disapprove of how our president is doing than approve,
and more than 70% of us think the country is going
in the wrong direction.

And yet the president, and most of Congress, got
re-elected. Part of the problem lies with us for
keeping them in office and part with the politicians.
They play loose with the facts, outright lie, or don’t
answer serious questions.

Pablo Picasso once said “Learn the rules like a pro,
so you can break them like an artist”. Our current
crop of politicians sure seem to be following that
adage. We wonder how many politicians would be in
prison if they worked in the private sector and did
what they do in public office.

We, the American people, have gotten apathetic. We
argue amonst ourselves when we should be bombbarding
politicians with phone calls and emails when we don’t
agree with their hijinx. Some claim they don’t want
to cause trouble, others don’t want to be a bother.

It’s enough to make a patriot apoplectic. We need
more squeeky wheels and people who think outside the
box. We need more voters who do the research and vote
on fact, not fiction. And we need to educate those who
are buying the bull the politicians are shipping.
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2 Responses to We need to stop

  1. QC Ghost says:

    We’re getting closer to the real truth about him with this story:

    Maybe even he thinks it’s about time to ease of of his biggest lie?

  2. cruisin2 says:

    we see it that way. The progressive media will probably say he bravely went where no previous president has gone.

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