Busy day

1-29 013

The day started at the grocery store around 7 a.m.,
and I finally get to catch my breath. It has been
such a great day I had to enjoy the great outdoors
before the next cold snap.

And now it’s time for a pizza, my toothbrush, and
a nap. But before I start that process I wanted to
mention a lullaby that Frank Sinatra sang when
records spun at 78 rpm.

It’s called “Hush-A-Bye-Island” and the lyrics are
as follows:

Close your eyes, my little darling,
‘Cause it’s time to drift away
To Hushabye Island on Rockabye Bay.

By a candy-coated mountain
You’ll have lots of time to play
On Hushabye Island on Rockabye Bay.

You can take the Toytown trolley
And meet the Jolly Times express –
No one there is melancholy;
It’s an isle of happiness.

Don’t you keep your dreamboat waiting;
Hope you’ll have a pleasant stay
On Hushabye Island on Rockabye Bay

So if you have a cranky little one, or just
like Sinatra, you can play this video and
lull the little one to sleep and get a big
smile doing it.

I listened to it twice and I’m going to put
my yawns to good use by filling them with
pizza. Have a good night.
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