Peace with Hitler?

It is that time in the cycle when we are inundated
with politicians, their rhetoric, and those who
protest against candidates. As always, the candidates
orate on what is wrong with our country and how they’ll
fix the problem.

The issues are many, but we wish to concentrate on one.
That issue is the refusal of the current administration
to admit that there are those who wish to do us harm,
and militant Muslim organizations like ISIS.

We hear almost daily how we have to accept tens of
thousands of immigrants, mostly women and children,
and that they come in peace. Yet rapes and murders
are happening in countries that have embraced this

So what would say if we told you that in 1941, here
in the U.S.A., protesters were saying we should make
peace with Hitler because he hadn’t attacked us?

A friend sent us the video and it made us realize,
once again, that not much is new. Now we have those
who opine that all the terrorists need are jobs,
that those who come here and hate us and our flag
have rights, and want no war.

History tells us that spreading the love can’t
solve all problems. We in no way mean to imply
that ISIS is akin to Nazi Germany or that all of
the Muslim faith are terrorists.

One major difference is that around the time
said video was made immigrants came here willing
to work and make a better life for their kin.
Those who come today tell us what we’re doing
wrong, how our flag offends them, and what they
want. Seems ironic doesn’t it?
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