Shiny thoughts

There might be a new show for us car nuts coming
up. So we’d thought to share this preview so you
could see what you think.

After all, there can never be too many car shows
on TV. With NASCAR changing the rules every few
minutes we don’t plan on spending as much time
watching the coverage this year and depending on
when it airs we might watch the Barn Finds

And a group on Facebook has a lot of videos. We
found this one about an old Ford dealer that has
old cars and more inside.

Looks like it was nippy in New Hampshire when
the video was shot.

And we ran across one more video after talking
with a friend today about the same subject. We’d
guess that people who aren’t car lovers would
never bring up the subject.

We’ve all seen the new car sales data and car
makers brag up who is the best selling each and
every year. But what do they do with the cars
that don’t sell?

One would think the car makers would slash the
prices to sell them all and possibly end with a
great total sales number. Instead they park the
cars and let them rot.

Which made us wonder; if they can rent someplace
to park all the cars to watch them rot, how much
money are they making? They must make enough off
what they sell to turn a profit while sending the
unsold vehicles to a death camp. Just saying.
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