Not our monkeys, not our circus


We’ve all heard the politically correct rhetoric
concerning the dangers of guns and how thousands of
people get killed by active shooters while concealled
carry would make no difference. That’s bull.

Between the years 2,000 and 2,013 there were 160
active shooter incidents which killed 486 people and
injured 557. Granted, the study came out in September
of 2,014, but they are the most recent figures we
came across.

Of these, 45.6 percent took place in a commercial
environment, 24.3% took place in schools, and the rest
occured in places like military and government
properties, residential properties, houses of worship,
health care facilities, and open spaces.

And to those who say a concealed carry individual
cannot make a difference, 5 of the incidents were
ended when an armed citizen took out the shooter or
held them until law enforcement arrived. None were
stopped by any form of gun control, and most occured
in gun free zones.

Before you accuse me of making the numbers up I’ll
inform you that they came from an FBI study.

You may draw your own conclusions, download the
entire study at the link provided, or ignore it all
together. But we are getting tired of voodoo
accounting being used as fact by others. We owe it to
ourselves to get informed and find the truth.

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