We got it


Some of us have questions bouncing around our heads that nobody has
been able to answer. But after much deliberation and countless hours
of research we believe we may have the answer to one of the more
recent of these questions. Yes, we now believe we have the answer
about global warming. Gore predicted we’d all be dead by now,
scientists predicted the polar ice caps would melt, and some even
stated it just didn’t exist.

But while accidentally watching part of a news broadcast, we had an
epiphany. We now think global warming is real, just not on the scale
thought. And we’ll explain how we came to this conclusion. On the
opinion of the news program 3 different politicians had soundbites
about various things we didn’t care enough about to listen.
Then it hit us.

There has to be global warming on a smaller scale than most believe.
These politicians who want to save us from ourselves, are running for
some office or running from some scandal, haven’t shut up since around
1999. They have been constantly campaigning, fund raising, dispelling
rumors, and flat out flapping their jaws non-stop since they first
got elected.

Still with us? Okay. We all should know hot air rises, which is fine
in the summer. But when the hot air rises in the winter it raises
havoc with the normal weather patterns around the world. So instead
of saddling the citizens with carbon taxes and other fines we should
fine all politicians who open their mouths too often and talk too
long. Sounds like a plan to us.
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