Winter days


It was so cold around here the car tires needed socks!
When I left to do an errand this morning the wind chill
was -29 at 10 am. January is usually the coldest month
here in Iowa, but we liked the highs in the mid 30s a
whole lot better.

But as I told the friend who was involved with the
errand, every day of January is a day closer to spring.
At least we’ve only used the snowblower once so far.

I wish those who declare that global warming denying
is a mental illness would come around now and give a
speech outside. I think people who believe men have
the ability to change the climate cycles should be
declared mentally ill.

That and the political parties should change their
names. Democrats act more like socialists and the
Republicans are acting more like Democrats. We’ll
be really happy when the election is over and the
campaigning ends.

I’ll end things there as I am a grumpy old man in
need of sleep. Stay warm my friends.
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    he is different.

    Rifleman III,
    thanks for the reblog.

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