Is it just us?


We have noticed the gradual decline of civil discourse
as it applies to all things political. Yesterday our
local paper ran an editorial titled “On guns
to many Republicans think we’re stupid”.

And once again we thought a media source misstates the
facts and openly displays their bias in a childlike
manner. We have to wonder if they would feel the same
should Obama decide to do the same with 1st Amendment.

Then we looked at the comments and Katie bar the door!
We’ve heard better debates from middle school children
than some of the comments. Americans have always had
differing opinions but used to manage to sound like
they had some semblance of sanity when debating said

Government won’t get involved because if we’re quarreling
over every little difference we can’t unite and stand up
to them. Those with an agenda and the career politicians
love it.

We honestly thought the populace would grow up, or at
least act like civilized adults. Instead we noticed things
are actually getting worse. What gives others the right to
tell the rest of us what we think and why we’re wrong?

It they could do so intelligently, and with facts, we
would welcome it. But instead of doing research to find
the real facts they rely on whatever the administration
and drive-by media give them.

So to those who believe the nonsense, you can keep your
change. We’ll hang on to guns and confuse you by smiling
when we read or hear your nonsense.
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