Odds and ends

We promised more picture of our little trip through
the mountains so here is a link to them.


After a few chores this morning I’m heading over to
visit Dad and have a little chat. If anything comes
of it worth sharing we’ll let you know. We’ll see how
it goes.

And we run across a strange vehicle from 1939 called
the Antarctic Snow Cruiser that looks so big it was
amazing to watch. So here’s a short video.

Here on the east coast of Iowa we’re going to have a
few warm days with highs reaching near 40 degrees. Of
course this time of year it is just a teaser as the
lows are going back in the basement for the weekend.

But the lengthening days remind us that before long
people will be talking about how hot it is and
complaining about having to mow the lawn again. I
sometimes wonder why those people live here.

And with that we’ll end to get the chores done. It
is amazing how before retirement the chores got done
along with work and other obligations yet now I
struggle with just the chores. Keep the shiny side
up and have a great day.
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