Just another day…

here in the paradise that we call the east coast of
Iowa. After some adult grilled cheese sandwiches
with three kinds of cheese and one of bacon, we
decided to get some chores done.

The first went picture perfect which made us
wonder what was going to happen later in our
endeavors. Spirits buoyed by how easily the day
was progressing I decided to take a short detour to
a little place we’d go necking when we were dating.
It’s just a little lane that overlooks the river
not far from where we now live. We just like the view.

1-2 010

Earlier we had spent part of the morning looking
for a cat named Mogwai that the wife picked up
last night, but he is a good hider.

So, we left the cat unfound and faced the errands
that were waiting for their completion. For some
reason the wife decided Wally World was on the
agenda so being the driver I pointed the hood

The hood, top, and trunk were covered with around
5 inches of combined snow and ice from the last
winter storm we had that I hadn’t been able to chip,
grind, or peel off.

As it turns out I should have tried harder. On a
four lane street heading north I hit the brakes for
a pothole and the entire ice/snow mixture covered
the windshield from top to bottom and side to side!
With nobody behind us I stopped and hit the emergency
flashers before jumping out and clearing the iceberg
sized mess of the windshield.

Following the quick trip to Wal-Mart, we returned
home laughing about how some of my plans blow up
in my face. Next time I will get the ice and snow
off everything before leaving the driveway. Oh
yeah, when we got home we finally located the cat
and he was fine.

We expect Mogwai to perk up in a few days and now
know which side is the shiny side so we can keep it
upright. It doesn’t get much better than that.
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