Some new year thoughts


The day has arrived that will turn into the night
when the amateurs go out and gather with friends to
prove how much they can drink. We wish everyone a
safe night and that you remember where you parked
the car.

This year has been so good for us we hate to see it
end. But as with most endings there must also be
a beginning and as we face the new year we believe
it will be every bit as exciting as the current one.

If you are truly happy you understand that life doesn’t
come with a warranty. We are not guaranteed a happy life
nor saddled with a bad one. As long as you are breathing
only you have the ability to change the outcome.

Looking back over our year we found that I still miss Mom
and the wife misses her Dad. But thinking of them does not
make it a sad occurrence as we choose to savor the time we
got to spend with them instead dwelling on the grief of our

Long ago a wise man said: we lose ourselves in the things we
love and find ourselves there too. Although I like the adage
I wish it would have included something about keeping us sane.
When we’re doing something we love time has a way of getting
away from us and troubles slide off our shoulders.

And we’ve noticed over this year coming to an end, that too
many people are bashing what they hate when they should be
embracing what they love. Time would be well spent practicing
the later and forgetting the former.

So as we look into the headlights of the oncoming new year
here at Casa Cruiser we say, bring it on. Happy New Year!
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