It got a little crazy


The trees look ready for Christmas after we got hit with an inch of freezing rain and sleet followed by 2 inches of snow. The picture was taken this morning as I shoveled open the end of alley and cleared the front walk so we could a newspaper and mail. As I gazed up the alley I realized some work was ahead to get it cleared to garage.


This picture shows just the sleet and before the added snow. Because of this little storm I came to the conclusion Dad was right when he said it takes him all day long to do what he used to do all day long. It’ll get done but it will be on my terms. It has to because we’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow.

I also ventured out and picked up my package and got a pleasant surprise. Turns out we are now the proud owners of Nikon D3300 DSLR camera. We are a little apprehensive to start playing with it as we’ve always had much simpler cameras. This thing came with 3 different lenses and 3 different filters and until we read the manual we have no idea what any of them do.

Once we get it figured out we’ll see if we can get some great pictures to share. Or come to the realization that we can’t take good pics. Since I only gained a little over a pound during our vacation and the wife isn’t saying if she gained weight, our New Year’s resolution will be to worry about more important things than how far the needle goes up on the scale.
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4 Responses to It got a little crazy

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Come on, Cruisin… We’ve been looking a snow in your photos for days; You didn’t save us one snowball? Or will there be, a big snowball fight?! 😉

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Rifleman III,
    we had half a dozen snowballs in the trunk but they all melted before we got back and it turned cold. We now have plastic cups with ice.

  3. Mamabear says:

    Why doesn’t your city clear that alley or are you just helping them out? A reminder this is heart attack season so take it slow and easy cuz we’d like to have you around for a lot longer.

    Congrats on the Nikon and GL figuring it out, but will look forward to some great pic’s b/c they do take a great pic.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    the city doesn’t clear alleys in our part of Iowa but I do use a snow blower so its not too bad. With the new camera, I just to picture outside that I’d been trying to get with my other camera and it came out amazing. I am happy.

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