Goliath is coming


The wife and I were sitting around and talking over coffee about how we
out-drove winter storm Goliath. Later watching the news we learned he
wasn’t done with us yet. Today in Iowa we are going to get hit with sleet,
freezing rain, and snow. Early predictions are a quarter inch of ice and
3 inches of snow will fall before Tuesday morning.

But Goliath didn’t get the memo. We visited with Dad and got groceries so
we have nowhere to go that we can’t go to after the storm. We have salt,
the snowblowers gassed up, and winter gear has been rechecked and is ready
for action.

Our walks will be cleared, the alley will be snow free, and after we’ll sit
down for a another cup of coffee and a Christmas cookie. We do concede it is
a stubborn storm and we thought we’d seen the last of it, so bring it on,
we’ll take pictures.
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8 Responses to Goliath is coming

  1. Mamabear says:

    Oh no, the wife told me about the ice and we’re to get it tomorrow, but idk about the snow~maybe you could only send half of those 3″ you’re to get. It’s good that you dodged Goliath on the way home. I went out today and got what I needed so I didn’t have to walk on ice, which I don’t do well at LOL Glad you got your Dad stocked up and yourself as well. Stay warm and indoors and enjoy that coffee and Christmas cookie~any chance of me getting a cookie? 🙂

  2. ekurie says:

    Coastal NC 75 and sunny.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    we got the ice but have rain now. We’re supposed to get up to 4 and a half inches of snow now. We could mail you a cookie.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I’m not heading that way, but it sounds like it would be worth it.

  5. Mamabear says:

    We’re under freezing rain advisory through Tues a.m.and they’re saying 1/10″ of ice. They’re calling for snow/rain on Wed then snow rest of week, but they’re not saying how much so that probably means a lot! We’ll be dipping down into the high 20’s during the day Brrrrrr that’s to darn cold. So nice if you would mail me a cookie to sustain me while it’s snowing. Stay inside and be nice and cozy.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    stay warm and I’ll see what I can do about the cookie.

  7. russell says:

    cold. in the california high desert, its cold. ’29 during the day, dropping to ’15 overnight.
    are you making this ride on a bike or a car?

  8. cruisin2 says:

    we made it in a car. Here on the east coast of Iowa we’re cleaning up after an inch of freezing rain/sleet ant 2 inches of snow at 30 degrees. Just think warm thoughts.

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