We’re back


After a little over 3,300 miles I think I need a nap. I made the comment this had to the longest stretch I had shoes on all day since our trip 14 years ago. We are back at home, the cats aren’t speaking to us, and I missed a package. But we’re back. I’ll post some more pictures in a future post but suffice to say we haven’t seen the sun all day.

We left North Platte, Nebraska around 6 am and pointed the hood toward the Orient. About an hour ago we got back into town and took short detour to my mother-in-laws. The woman that follows me around wanted to pick-up some pictures that her mother was hanging onto until our return. We saw some great sights, had the best food imaginable, and the wife’s Ford made it without a hiccup. We did get a ding in the windshield that wasn’t there before, but it isn’t deep and we’ll figure out our game plan after a little rest.

I will start feeling human again after a shower, copious amounts of coffee, and getting my feet inside my house slippers instead of running shoes. We beat winter storm Goliath by a score of 3 to 0. The storm looked like it might ground us a couple times but after assuring the wife we were driving out it we continued. And drive out of it we did, all but the fog. I did find it amazing that we ran into rain in Nebraska when the temperatures were in the mid-20s and came across very few slick spots. Until we wash the car tomorrow we can’t tell if the shiny side is up but it kept rolling along anyway. Enjoy the rest of the day.
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