Our battle with winter storm Goliath

The past two days we have outsmarted the winter storm, or at least, out-drove it. We left Rock Springs, Wyoming in the wee hours of morning with a balmy temperature of 9 degrees and light snow falling. Over breakfast I told the woman who follows me around that only weather we would have to worry about today is a narrow band of snow in eastern Wyoming and a 100 mile stretch of light snow when we entered Nebraska.

Turns out the band of snow in Nebraska was 110 miles of snowy roads, but when we got through that the skies opened up and we had our blue skies back. We stopped in North Platte, Nebraska for the night and when we got our room it was a tropical 32 degrees. Of course the wind could take the paint off a Peterbuilt, but it was warmer.

We found out, somewhere in Wyoming, that it is the highest point along Interstate 80 at 8,124 feet above sea level. We stopped at the rest stop there and found out there was also a Lincoln Memorial there, complete with a giant statue.


There was also a great look at the mountains around said monument.We could have read exactly what the monument was about, but being on a schedule so the wife can play with her cats and I can hug my guns, we just didn’t have time.




I even spotted a coffin nosed Cord. It was only a black and white picture on the wall but I’ll take it.


Some people say I’m over prepared with what I carry around with me, but they aren’t laughing now. My right arm went numb about the time we entered Mountain Home and that might stop some people. But being prepared I brought my left arm along just for such an occurrence. Who’s crazy now?
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