Beautiful day

What a sight to wake up to in God’s country. Snowfall again and a sky so blue it looks like you could swim in it. Jack Frost nips at your nose and you can see your breath while experiencing the day.



Met a maintenance guy right outside our door spreading salt on the sidewalk. I spoke of what a beautiful day it was while he gave me a look that suggested I had lost all my marbles. After a short chat we slipped and skated our way across the lot to the roadhouse. I don’t think anyone was surprised when I ordered biscuits and gravy again. But isn’t gravy a condiment?

I gave our son a good scare the other day when I had an asthma attack while visiting. It was then I remembered that while I have had asthma all my life our son had never witnessed an actual attack in progress. A few minutes, a little water, and a hit off my rescue inhaler all was it took to get me back to as normal as I get. We are awaiting the big day and celebrating with the kids and Anna.

Also checked some sites from back home and people there are happy it is around 60 degrees and raining. I thought there would be more talk of the Mississippi river being above flood stage but found none. I’ll call Dad in a bit and see what he thinks of the weather there.

Later I’ll post a version of the Night Before Christmas that is among my favorites. Until then, enjoy the weather where you’re at. If it isn’t the greatest you can’t change it so you may as well find something to like.
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3 Responses to Beautiful day

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    Your positivism is exhilarating. On a dreary rainy Chicago day like today, I’ll take all the snowy sunshine pictures I can get.

  2. ekurie says:

    It is rainy and near 70 here in coastal N C so I am baking Christmas pies for my local fire dept.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    thank you. Weather like this where we’re at makes me wish I’d have brought my good camera.

    excellent idea for down time.

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