What a day

God must have a good sense of humor. I checked the weather last night, and early this morning, and the forecast was clear skies. Yet when I glanced outside this morning the snow was blowing sideways! All was not lost though as around noon the skies cleared and we finally got a few good pictures of some of the mountains.



After we got back we walked to the roadhouse for supper. The roadhouse has signs all over inside, but one in particular just cracks me up. I haven’t figured out why, except I like the attitude.


Courtney came to serve us and bring plenty of black coffee. And that’s when God’s sense of humor appeared once again. Knowing the portions this place serves I thought I had outsmarted them by ordering off the children’s menu. I ordered the Junior Dub Burger and fries thinking I would walk away after the meal not feeling as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey.

DSC00001 (1)

The “junior” burger came on plate bigger than a 15 inch hubcap. I finished it, and just as I did Courtney came back to ask us if we wanted dessert! We’ve had their meals, no way could we finish a dessert. We declined and the wife asked for a doggy bag as she couldn’t finish her “pounder”.

When all is said and done, I think my anniversary went way better than the wife’s. We’ll stay to spend Christmas with the kids before heading back to Iowa Sunday. We don’t know what kind of weather we’ll run into on the way home but can’t change it either. Feel free to click on any pictures to see them full size.
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