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On the wife’s anniversary yesterday the weather decided to act like Jack Nicholson and go crazy. We awoke to fog so think you could cut it complete with ice covered pavement, it cleared up to azure skies for the afternoon, and ended with snow.


Today, on my anniversary, there is supposed to a break in the weather and we hear it should act more like Jack Benny. For you younger folks out there that means it should be a much calmer day. I take that to mean that God condones my anniversary over the wife’s and He wants us to have a another great day with better weather.

The kids seem to enjoy my obsession with the mountains. I can’t get enough of these majestic outcroppings. One thing we learned early in our visit that has been enforced often, is that people who live here can’t name the different mountain ranges. Many claim to be transplants from other parts of the country yet I can’t understand why more people just don’t see the beauty of the landscape.

Since we act like obvious tourist, complete with cameras, several people have asked us where we’re from. And we’ve met people from all over the world including England and Asia. A surprising number of them mention they have relatives or friends who have moved from here to Iowa. One young lady even
said her brother moved to Muscatine and asked if we had heard of it.

Since it’s close to our domicile we visit often. Muscatine is one of those rare American small towns that still has a drive-in restaurant, complete with car hops. Small world we live in, isn’t it?
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  1. Piglove says:

    aaww happy anniversary!! XOXO – Bacon

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