The morning after the night before

We’ve mentioned that the lady who follows me around wanted to go to ShopKo yesterday to look at Black Hills gold.

DSC00002 (1)

I bought her a ring because her anniversary tomorrow even though my anniversary isn’t until Monday. At any rate, we got to talking during our little walk this morning and marveled at how fast the time has gone. And we talked about our first ride in a gas/electric hybrid car. Our youngest has a Buick hybrid
and he volunteered to drive us to Boise in it. It just seemed strange to me that when you pull up to a stoplight the engine shuts off and all gets quiet.

That may be good for conversation, but this old school redneck doesn’t think he’d get used to it. Of course I still have my “Loud Pipes Save Lives” t-shirt and was wearing it during the trip. It is a nice car, with a neat interior and clean body lines, but it’s just too quiet for me.

This morning the roadhouse hit another home run for our breakfast and biscuits and gravy got a run for my number one breakfast. Turns out it was biscuits and gravy, just different from what I usually order.
These were two homemade biscuits topped with sausage patties and two sunny side up eggs covered with sausage gravy and surrounded by hash browns. What’s not to love?

So after our meal, served on a plate bigger than a Cadillac hubcap, we decided a little walk would work off some of the calories. I don’t know if it did, but did get some more pictures of the mountains that seem to get closer every day.




Hope you’re having as much fun as we are.
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