Lazy day

On our morning walk the lady who has been following around took my picture while I was daydreaming. I didn’t realize she had done it until I turned around and by then it too late. In the process of said thinking I realized this wasn’t a good climate to get a haircut. My ears feels naked!


And that reminded me of home. For some reason I get a haircut in the winter rather I need it or not and get cold ears. When back in our room I came across a picture shared by a local Alderman back home that was taken in the late 30s or early 40s.


It was taken just off the Government bridge on the Iowa side and not much has changed. The vehicles got newer, the buildings have different signage, and the billboard is gone. I wish the old cars were back. Then we got to talking about some differences between here and home. People here actually obey the speed limits! When asked, our son said it too big a hassle to get caught speeding and we thought he meant a heavy fine.

He surprised us by saying that it wasn’t the fine, it was the half-hour lecture which ended with 3 squad cars behind you and all the police from said squads in your face. Sure is different from Iowa when you almost get run down doing the speed limit, even in school zones. We thought things were laid back and friendly in Iowa but I believe this mountain town would give us a run for the money.

I think I get it though. When you wake up and see the snow on the mountain peaks and sheer size of those mountains, trivial things pale in comparison.


Have a great weekend, I know we will.
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  1. QC Ghost says:

    No Bigfoot, no potatoes? Where are you really???

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