The 2nd half of day 7


This afternoon we decided to cruise in the rain to Boise and check it out. To this old country boy it was to too congested with too many cars and people. A discussion on the way there set our course. We would go to Cabella’s first as I needed some glove liners and then on to ShopKo so the lady that follows me around could look at the Black Hills gold.

As happens with plans this one had some twists and turns. Their aquarium was neat, but too dark for pictures so we stopped watching the water critters and went in search of what I needed. As we made our way across the huge store the lady who follows me around spotted some bigger critters.




We managed to get her away from the critters and found my gear, with a few extra things, and left for her destination of choice. And although Shopko had no critters, guns, fishing gear, outdoor gear, or other neat stuff like that I did manage to buy her an anniversary gift. She still swears our anniversary is on the 20th and I say the 21st, but my back-up expert on all things marital passed away a few years ago.

I see nothing wrong with celebrating both days and she insists it is only the 20th. So when we got back we ordered a Fatty’s 20 inch pizza and soon lost interest in debating the issue. I have a sneaking suspicion the subject will come up again. Through it all we kept the shiny side and hope you do also.
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