Day 6…

started out a relatively calm day.


After getting ready we walked over to the roadhouse for breakfast. Perusing the menu I noticed they had a breakfast burrito. Thinking something the size of a McDonald’s burrito and not being all that hungry,
I ordered the Roadhouse Burrito. Big mistake. Our server brought the food to our table and my burrito was on a plate bigger than a Buick hubcap! The thing must have weighed in at 4 pounds. I snapped a picture when I was half-way through.


After returning to our room I grabbed my ditty bag and the wife grabbed her “laundry” bag and we headed toward the laundromat so we would have clean clothes and people would stop thinking I was homeless. We then headed towards the kid’s house and Holley the cat came up to say hello.


The baby was sleeping in, but at least I had the cat to play with. Until… that lady that’s been following me around commandeered the cat!


So I watched “Earnest Saves Christmas” with our son while this strange lady played with the cat. When the movie ended we decided it time was for a pizza so my son and myself set off in search of said pizza. The hunt was a success and we even found some cookies to go along with the pizza. Once the baby was awake and alert the lady that follows me around commandeered her and I was again left playing with the cat.

Not long after a winter storm hit and we decided to get back to the motel while the getting was good. The weather is supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow but the snow is falling today.


It has been a strange day, but we had fun. Enjoy your day as I know we enjoyed ours.
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4 Responses to Day 6…

  1. Mamabear says:

    How much snow are you expecting out there? No snow yet here in PA, but they say come the weekend we’ll get some, but how much is being kept a secret.

    That lady that’s following you around sure is lovely gal isn’t she? Ever thought of making her your’s? LOL Do you ever get to hold that beautiful baby or are you and the Daddy relegated to changing diapers?

    I never realized that Idaho’s elevation was so high and I’m sorry that the altitude is causing you so many problems and hope you don’t feel to bad.

    The Roadhouse sure has huge platters of food. The 50’s restaurant has to be pretty cool too. We had one of those when I lived in Pittsburgh and it had the typical food served back in the day along with music and lots of treasures from back then too. Hope the one you’ve gone to has the same things that can only bring back great memories.

    I’m loving this day by day blog of you and the strange lady following you around 🙂 Enjoy Day 7 and see if you can get to Baby Anna before the lady gets her first 🙂

  2. cruisin2 says:

    around 3-5 inches of snow then turning to rain tomorrow. I-84 is closed east of us and the motel parking lot is filling up with big rigs.
    I’ve known the lady following me around for while but we can never agree on what day we got married.

    I could hold the baby but choose not to because I don’t know if she could catch my viral infection. It’s a pleasure just watching her.

    That plate the burrito is on is probably 17 inches across. These people do like to eat. The 50s diner had good food and plenty of it also. We’ll keep posting as long as something happens and people say something is always happening around me.

  3. Mamabear says:

    Good idea not to expose the baby to your viral infection. I know I enjoy just looking at the pic’s of her so I can imagine what it’s like up close and personal.

    You’ll be putting on a lot of pounds before you come home with all that good food out there on platters no less.

    Keep on blogging I’m loving everything!

  4. cruisin2 says:

    glad you enjoy the posts. Good Lord willing I’ll be able to hold my granddaughter at a later date, but for now I’m content to stare in awe of how tiny she is. I eat just as much at home so I don’t know if I’ll gain any weight, but if I don’t the lady who follows me around will probably get mad at me.

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