Still day 5


As if I need reassurance that hindsight is 20/20, on our way to have supper at the roadhouse I came to a conclusion that we’re in the mountains. I knew I had another viral infection when we left Iowa but failed to take into account the difference in elevation.

So after our meal and a little walk, some research was needed. When we left Davenport, Iowa last week we were at an elevation of 850 feet. Here in Mountain Home, Idaho the elevation is 3,146 feet. This difference hasn’t caused any major problems other than the fact that I get tired easier. So while the air here is cleaner there is less oxygen in said air.

I’ve done more stopping to catch my breath here than I ever did in the more polluted Iowa air. So for giggles I searched a few health sites for the mysterious symptoms that appeared since our arrival. That led to the conclusion my younger wilder days have come back to bite me.

I never figured some broken bones and severed tendons would come back to haunt me years after the fact. Who figured they needed oxygen too? Sometimes it pays to think things out a little better. Since we’re here until the end of the month we’ll deal with the issues and hope for the best. So now I’d say if you’re planning a trip to the mountains, and have lung problems, you should probably check with your doctor before doing so. And if you go in the winter bring plenty of quarters for the car wash. That way you can tell when the shiny side is up.
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