Day 5


I called Dad before we left for Boise and the snow. Had another great bacon cheeseburger in the 50s Diner then headed back to Mountain Home.The picutres were taken at the only rest area between the two cities at a historical site that is part of the Oregon trail.


We also ran into a humongous critter.


Last night we went in search of a pizza and ended up at a place called the Smokey Mountain Pizzeria and Grill which totally confused me because I thought the Smokey Mountains were further south. After perusing the menu it was decided we’d try the Carnivore Combo pizza. What could go wrong with a pizza that had 5 different meats on it.

I made the mistake of ordering a cup of coffee that I didn’t know came in a cup the size of Kansas. I got a workout emptying that thing. The aroma from the kitchen had us salivating until our order arrived. We didn’t realize the five meats would be of sizes ranging from kibble to sandwich.I then and there swore I wouldn’t have any more sausage or bacon; until the next time.

Two nights ago I stepped into the shower while wearing my glasses and the wife thought that was hilarious. I blamed it on the altitude. Last night I stepped into the shower still wearing my skivvies. At least the wife is amused.Since this never happened at home, I have to again blame the altitude. The once clean car is dirty again, my skivvies are clean, and the wife has quit laughing so I believe I’m still ahead.

If anything strange happens we’ll let you know.
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