Day 2


At the end of day 2 we have have traveled 1,350 miles, started at 5 am and just knocked off at 7 pm; have been through fog, rain, snow, ice, clear skies, mountains, and are beat. I’ll work on pictures starting tomorrow as the end is in sight.

It was really foggy when we left and that quickly changed to being cloudy and rain. Later we hit the ice on the road and that got hairy. At one point we crawled along at less than 5 mph due to a jack-knifed semi and while we crawled along we saw 4 other rigs in the ditches. But it cleared up in Wyoming on we saw some mountains. Don’t know which ones, but they were huge.

It has been a strange day and I feel like I’ve been driving for 20 hours straight. All three sides of me came out today and it wasn’t pretty. The quiet side was good, the wife enjoyed the crazy/funny side,
but at some point the side you never, ever want to see come out. I may do a post on the later at some time, but not today.

At some point my butt fell asleep and I will probably walk funny for a week, but tomorrow we will be in Mountain Home, Idaho, and see our granddaughter. As I mentioned earlier, this laptop is new to me as I’ve always had desktops so bear with me. In the mean time, we’re going to sleep so we can hit the road early in morning. We’ve kept the shiny side up, hope you did also.
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2 Responses to Day 2

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    After driving across the USA five times and Canada twice in the past ten years I know every problem you described quite well. I have a travel story to tell about each adventure. As scary as some of these trips were at the time, I relish remembering the “events,” like snowstorms, ice storms, road closings, searching for lodging in a small town when everyone in the universe is being shagged off the road. As you keep saying, keep the shiny side up, and enjoy every mile it is all worth the agony.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    it was worth it. Seeing the granddaughter I marveled at how small we are when born.

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