The baby, a car, and a tragedy

I’m told a mistake was made in yesterday’s post so
we’ll correct it. Our granddaughter’s name is Anna
Adele and here’s a peek.


Then we have a short movie with 3D animation that
features “Christine”, the evil 58′ Plymouth Fury
from the movie with the same name. We had to watch
it twice.

Sometimes we are the bearer of bad news that we
feel must get out. This is such a time. Veteran
suicides are on the rise and we feel they don’t get
enough attention.

Air Force veteran Curtis Johnson did 3 tours in
Iraq, came home with PTSD, and took his own life
on December 4, 2015. The real tragic end to the
story is his wife, Emily, took her life the next


Services are tomorrow, December 11, in Spokane,
Washington. And as happens with veterans the family
is reaching out to ask for help with final expenses.
If you can, or want to, help go here.

With that we’ll end this and go in search of food.
Comments are always welcome.


One Response to The baby, a car, and a tragedy

  1. ekurie says:

    really difficult to ‘like’ a post like this although it is important people know the extreme need of veterans with ptsd and their families. thank you.

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