So much for tradition

Sitting at the kitchen table this morning sipping
coffee and talking with wife I mentioned how today
was December Day. Since she asked me what that
was I explained.

December Day is a celebration of the coming winter
and the day we dance around the December pole until
we meet near the base and kiss under the mistletoe.
I then told her I had the pole up and we could go
outside and get started. As usual she replied
“start without me”. It’s hard to start any new
traditions in this household.

I do know that on this date in 1913, the Henry Ford
assembly line started. It reduced the time to build
a car from more than 12 hours down to 30 minutes.
In 84 steps the Model T went from bare chassis to
finished automobile while the work moved to the

Because of this improved efficiency, and more
profit, Ford employees were the highest paid
industrial workers in the world by the end of 1914.

Picture courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

His was not the first assembly line, many believe
that was in 1104 at the Venetian Arsenal. Nor was
it the first vehicle assembly line in America. That
honor goes to Ransom Olds who began using one in
his Olds Motor Vehicle Company factory in 1901.

But the claim is that Ford did invent the moving
assembly line and started using it 102 years ago
today. And that gives me hope. Someday one of my
tradition ideas just might pass muster with the
wife. Enjoy the rest of December Day.
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