Fast thinking

Browsing various sources seeking news that merits
consideration, we came across information on the
Hyperloop. Think of the tubes in the drive-up at
the bank that deliver our business to the teller
and back. But on steroids.

Essentially the system would involve seven foot
diameter tubes elevated on pillars that could move
“cars” full of 28 people and luggage at a speed of
around 800 miles per hour.

These may be solar powered and currently have a
range of around 900 miles. Claim is this could move
people from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in 30

This is in the fundraising phase of operation to
try and raise $100 million. There are also over 100
engineers across the country working on development
in exchange for stock options.

The idea being that Hyperloop would be less
expensive than high-speed rail and better for the
environment. A 5 miles test track is to built in
Quay Valley, California in 2018.

To quote one source: “The concept of the Hyperloop
was popularized by Elton Musk, and not affiliated
with HTT. The project to develop a high speed
intercity transporter using a low pressure tube
train which would reach a top speed of 800 miles
per hour with a yearly capacity of 15 million

HTT is short for Hyperloop Transportation
Technologies. If our discourse isn’t confusing
enough the following video should finish the job,
after a short commercial.

We don’t know if these will ever come to be, but
if they do it would change our landscape as we know
it with elevated tubes beside our highways. It could
get interesting.
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