We went over to Dad’s for Thanksgiving thinking
that perhaps the Thanksgiving Beagle would leave a
big pile of circus peanuts under the table. I even
behaved myself, but when we arrived back home there
were no circus peanuts. I was going to blame the
cats for scaring the beagle off but was in such a
good mood I did not.

After we got home and the wife went to bed, I sat
around and reminisced about past holidays. Some
were spent with family, some in a jail cell, others
on a barstool of whatever beer joint was open, and
those while I was in Navy.

And I thought of those we used to spend the day
with who are no longer here. If we put an empty
plate on the table for all of them we would run out
of plates, but we were blessed to get some time
with them.

I used to spend most Sundays in bar with a few
friends holding what we called “church service”. We
meant no disrespect to the church, we just played
religious country songs on the jukebox and didn’t
cuss during said service. It worked for us.

Age has a way of trimming our sails and I haven’t
had a drink or been arrested for decades and the
chip that used to be on my shoulder is gone. I
learned a long time ago that the only way a person
can change is if they want to. I’m thankful I did.

We’re hoping you had a great Thanksgiving, or at
least a good Thursday if you don’t observe the
Comments are always welcome.

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