Just the facts


While over talking with Dad today we laughed at
some experiences we had with people from out of
state. We came to the conclusion that a lot of
folks figure they should bring along something to
do when they visit. So here’s some facts.

Iowa was the 29th state to enter the union on
December 28, 1846, our capital is Des Moines, we
are called the Hawkeye State, our state motto is
“Our liberties we prize and our rights we will
maintain”, and we grow corn.

Iowa is the 3rd most productive agricultural state
following California and Texas in yearly output and
we produce 1/10th of our nation’s food supply. We
are the number one producer of corn and soybeans.
Our farmers sell over $10 billion worth of crops
and livestock annually.

Some famous people born in Iowa include John
Wayne, Johnny Carson, William “Buffalo Bill” Cody,
President Herbert Hoover, Ann Landers, Glenn Miller,
Robert Schuller, Abigal Van Buren, Vice President
Henry Wallace, Andy Williams, Grant Wood, and
Bix Beiderbecke.

Within our state lies the most crooked street in
the world (Snake Alley), the world’s largest
strawberry, the country’s smallest park, the
largest Danish settlement in the U.S., the largest
Amish community west of the Mississippi river, the
largest collection of Grant Wood artwork, and the
largest cereal company (Quaker Oats) in the world.

And Iowa has a little over 3 million residents
who call Iowa home. Not a bad number in a state
that measures 55,869 square miles.

We do see tornadoes, big storms, huge snowfalls,
and floods, but we know to wait. One thing about
our state, if you don’t like the weather now wait
around and it will change.

When I was in boot camp I had a guy ask if I was
from Iowa. When I replied yes he wanted to know if
he I could answer a question that had been bothering
him for ages, so I said ask. He asked me if
chocolate milk really came from brown cows and
white milk from white cows!
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One Response to Just the facts

  1. Rifleman III says:

    “Chocolate cows”: I recall some bumpkin looking at a toothbrush in wonder, and said, “But I have more that one tooth”.

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