Where’s the snow?

With forecasts ranging from 4 to 11 inches I was
expecting to see a lot of snow this morning. When
I looked out the front door I saw this-


It was a little sad. You mean I got my winter
gear out, tuned up the snow-blower, and bought a
new pair of boots for a dusting of snow?


Sure, the wind is going to be blowing and the wind
chills will dip below zero, but I don’t see the
winter storm. It is a wet snow, or at least it was
when I was out shoveling early this morning, but I
was hoping for a foot of snow.

Still, it does make our little part of the world look
fresh as the white flakes covered everything so it
is pleasant to look at. And no matter the amount
of snow we got I still get to go out and play in

So if you live here in paradise, remain calm.
Don’t overdo it shoveling and drive safely. We’d
like everybody to be around for the first real
snow of the season.
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