Pesky newscasts

Recent news coverage has been about college
protestors, Charlie Sheen’s problem, Black Lives
Matter, and an armless legless man who was on the
run and considered armed and dangerous. Is it just
us or is this crap getting old?

Yes the terrorist attacks have been covered and
the debate over accepting refugees, but much hasn’t
been mentioned. We have online resources available,
yet some of the those sources are questionable. One
source I follow is the Navy Times.

Yesterday there was an article about how the strain
on sailors and the fleet has reached the tipping point.
It is almost to the point the Navy will have to build
more ships or look at other options to meet the need.

20 years ago the Navy had 333 ships. Today that
number is 272, but the number of ships deployed has
stayed the same at around 100. This means each ship
deployed is doing 20% more work while being at sea
20% more. The fleet is too small for all the
missions around the world.

In 1998, 62% of the underway ships were deployed.
Today it is 74%. This mean sailors get less training.
Long deployments mean unexpected maintenance problems.
Back to back deployments of 7-8 months puts a strain
on the sailors too. There are times when 10 month
deployments come up because of the ship shortage.

And budget cuts have basically stopped shipyard
work. More ships cannot be built with a shrinking
budget. We need a strong military for the same
reason we have gun rights. Without them we would
be run over by people who do have them.
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