Strange feeling


Today started out like any other so I figured since
I made it from bed to the kitchen table it might be
a good day. A friend called with a lunch invite
but my coughing and hacking put a damper on that.
We will do it another day.

Then the mail came and the lone piece of mail that
could be assumed mine was addressed to “Pops”. I
figured I had been called worse and saw no problem
with opening it.

It turned out to be a whiskey ad! That might not
seem so strange to you, but I quit drinking any
alcohol in 1987. The impressive full color mailer
did look like something that would have caught my
attention back in the day.

Addressed to my garage was a flowery worded piece
of prose that promised if I rubbed the insert
against my bottle of whiskey the letters would
transfer to said bottle and brand it as mine.

What got me started down memory lane is that I
used to do business under that name and some of my
regulars are no longer with us. One in particular
was a rich guy who brought his classic cars in to
be worked on and always said “I don’t care what it
cost I want it done right”.

Until he got the bill. Then we’d dicker back and
forth which made me feel I was on Let’s Make a
Deal. He would never pay the quoted price. It got
to be such a regular occurance that I would set
aside extra time for when he’d come to pick up his

I never went broke playing this game and he never
walked away without a smile thinking he had beat me
on the price. We did business this way, between my
construction jobs, for over 20 years. I’ll still
pass on the whiskey. If you partake, please don’t
let me stop you, and have a great day.
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2 Responses to Strange feeling

  1. I enjoyed the thought of you rubbing that piece of writing against the whiskey bottle! Great imagery! 🙂

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Opinionated Man,
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

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