What old tree?

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A friend stopped by today and as he was leaving he
thought I should donate this old behemoth to
someone looking for a 50 foot tall Christmas tree.
I had never had anyone suggest that one before,
but I like the old tree.

So I told him that places looking for huge Christmas
trees wouldn’t want this one because it’s split and has
two tops. It got hit by lightning one year with a bang
that shook the house and a light so bright it was
blinding. Yet most Christmas trees I’ve seen only have one.
But it is much more than that.

I remember watching Dad and others take down a
bigger Oak tree that died, burning the stump, and
later planting this tree in the same spot.
But it is much more than that.

I remember watering the tree and watching it grow.
Climbing up it when it got big enough, sitting
under it for shade, and bench racing with friends
beneath this tree. Because of all that, and more,
I don’t consider it old tree, I consider it friend.

There are those who discard old friends for
various reasons, but I am not one of them. I have
a dog run in the back yard also for the same
reason. And unless a bad storm or something else
beyond my control strikes, they will be there when
I die. Just so I can look at them and smile when
the mood strikes me.
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